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Spanish Books & Toys for Kids

Learning Foreign Modern languages is important from an early age and these resources, books and toys can make the learning both fun and active! You can also look at our 7 tips for learning Spanish.


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Spanish Children’s Books

With over 400 million speakers, there are many benefits in helping children to learn Spanish. From numerous professional opportunities to broadening their cultural horizons, why not give children the gift of learning Spanish?

A phonetic language, Spanish is easy to read. You will be spoilt for choice when selecting the best Spanish children’s books. When it comes to writing, children who already know how to write the English alphabet will find it easy to start writing Spanish. A mix of Spanish books for kids, flashcards, games and toys will help your child develop the early language skills they need to learn Spanish.

There are many types of Spanish books for kids, from dictionaries and “first words” books to factual and picture books. A selection of Spanish children’s Books online can be found here. There are 100s of words that are the same in Spanish and English and this can make “first words” books valuable in gently introducing Spanish to children. Some “first words” books such as the “100 First Spanish Words” and the “Easy Spanish Words” include stickers. The time children spend searching for the stickers to match the words on the pages helps children remember and recall new vocabulary.

Other Spanish children’s books that are useful include factual books about the language itself. One Such book is “Languages of the World – Spanish” which helps children learn about the where and who speaks Spanish and provide basic vocabulary phrases. It also highlights differences and similarities between English and Spanish.

You can find a fantastic collection of Spanish children’s books online including picture books for younger children and non-fiction and fiction. However, a collection of Spanish books for kids will not be complete without dictionaries. Children with beginning reading skills find picture dictionaries easy to learn from. The pictures help with word association needed to develop Spanish vocabulary and the translations make such dictionaries accessible and fun to use by both parents and children. The “Big Book of Spanish Words” is a wonderful example of a clear and an engaging picture dictionary with captivating illustrations. Another great example utilising a brilliant idea is “My First 1000 Spanish Words”, which is based on a “search and find” concept. Children select a shown object in Spanish, and with the Spanish word in mind, they scan a scene to search for its picture. Again, the length of time spent actively thinking of and using the Spanish word helps with longer term retention of newly acquired Spanish vocabulary.

Spanish Flashcards

In addition to Spanish Children’s books, when it comes to vocabulary building, flashcards are unbeatable. With minimal distractions, children focus on one word at a time. The “Usborne Everyday Words Spanish Flashcards” have a picture on one side and the word on another and are great for self-assessment.

One of the best Spanish flashcard sets you will ever find is the “Write & Wipe” series. These flashcard kits serve two proposes: they teach both reading and writing at the same time. With bright images on white backgrounds and the clear colour-coded text, they present new vocabulary to children in a very clear and engaging manner. The very thick oversized glossy cards serve as whiteboards. Children can practice writing the Spanish words on the back of each card in three easy steps. There are 4 sets: The Spanish Alphabet, Numbers in Spanish, Colours and Shapes in Spanish and Actions in Spanish. All the Spanish Write & Wipe kits include 2 pens (red and blue) with removable erasers. The kits come complete with an instruction booklet, multilingual translation and sound stickers, and smiley stickers to reward young learners. All the items are neatly packed in a durable box with a magnetic lid.

Toys & Games to Learn Spanish

Including games and toys in the learning environment is key to stimulate multisensory play, engage children and make learning real, fun and relevant. Interactive games will facilitate learning Spanish in a different way to children’s Spanish books and flashcards. One entertaining game is “Snap in Spanish” which will support vocabulary building and fast recall. Another highly engaging Spanish memory game is “BrainBox Let’s Learn Spanish”. Here, children have 10 seconds to remember facts in Spanish from a card, then the dice is rolled and a question is asked. If the answer is correct, the child keeps the card and the winner is the one with the most cards. This clever game will promote observational skills, listening, speaking and memory skill, all which are vital when learning Spanish.

Free Worksheets and Printables in Spanish

Whether used independently, or to support learning from Spanish books for kids, worksheet provide opportunities for children to practice reading and writing in Spanish. You can download and print worksheets in Spanish for free here.

Finding the Best Flashcards, Games and Spanish Books for Kids

Whichever resources you choose to support children learning Spanish, a mix of different resources, from Spanish children’s books and flashcards, to games and toys, will facilitate learning in different styles. They will help children develop early language skills at a critical learning time, when they find it easy to learn a language naturally and are more receptive to unfamiliar sounds. Furthermore, they will engage children and maintain an enjoyable learning journey of the Spanish language.